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Receipted invoice: Definition and obligations

La facture acquittée est un document essentiel dans les transactions commerciales. Cela va au-delà de la simple liste des produits ou services fournis et joue

Digital Marketing

The Unavoidable Trends on Social Media in 2024

As technology evolves, social media keeps pace, shaping how we interact online. The year 2024 promises to introduce captivating and innovative trends on these digital

Digital Marketing

How can you fight no-shows in your establishment?

Unfulfilled bookings, commonly known as “no-shows”, can be a source of frustration for businesses, particularly in the service sector. Whether you run a restaurant, hair

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Bronzage brise d’été

Beyond that beach-ready glow, Bronzage brise d’été offers all the health benefits of sunless tanning. More than eight years ago, owner Johanne Belec called upon Linkeo to build her website and online presence.

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Soccer Miami

Soccer Miami  is home to a state-of-the-art indoor soccer field, a popular spot for practice, rentals, group training, and kids’ birthday parties. To kick off

Digital Marketing

Interview with Linkeo Team Leader Fernando Medeiros

We sat down with Fernando Medeiros, Team Leader for Linkeo Montréal’s North Sector. He told us all about his adventures in sales, digital marketing, and his multi-decade love affair for the world wide web.

Digital Marketing

What Should I Post on LinkedIn? Our Top 8 Tips

LinkedIn. With 800 million users in over 200 countries, the Internet’s largest professional network is growing fast. In the past, LinkedIn was known as a place

Social Media

Seven Tips for a Successful Facebook Ad

With their supreme targeting and exciting opportunities for visuals, Facebook Ads offer a valuable tool for small businesses. If you’re looking to make an impression with your impressions, we’ve put together an article on everything you need to know about Facebook Ads, complete with our top seven tips.

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Vandal Design

Vandal Design is Québec’s leader in car wrapping and specialty graphics for vehicles. Owner Frédéric Vandal sought out Linkeo to help with his website and

Digital Marketing

Got Customer Data? Here’s How to Make a Great Sales Funnel.

Personalized and targeted content is the key to drawing in your customers. This creates trust and speaks directly to their conflict. All customers have a conflict: a missing item, a missing service, or a missing experience.
Gather as much customer data as possible, either passively or ‘earned.’ This may seem invasive, but it’s the nature of the Internet, and we aren’t going to abuse it—we’re going to use it to help them.

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Mille et un bocaux

“Because every little action counts—come on over and make a difference. ” So says the motto of Mille et un bocaux. French for “a thousand and one jars,” the zero-waste bulk grocery store is on a mission to reduce packaging and its toll on the environment. To spread the word throughout the Portneuf region of Quebec, store owner Marilyn called on Linkeo to build her website and promote her business through social media campaigns. 

Consumer Trends

Holiday Shopping Trends for 2022

Tis the season for holiday shopping. And while we no longer have to navigate masks and lockdowns, tinkles of austerity fill the air. With rising

Online consumer behaviour pandemic
Digital Marketing

Online Consumer Behaviour 2022—Lockdown Habits that Have Stuck

From Zoom haircutting parties to baking bread on Instagram Live, lockdown saw people get creative with online technology. Now that COVID waves are hitting less hard, certain quarantine habits have proved to be passing trends. But others have stuck and overall, consumers are on their screens and devices more than ever. Let’s take a closer look at the most prevalent online consumer behaviour two years, _____ months and _____ days into this global pandemic.

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Literie Laval

If you’re chasing a good night’s sleep, Literie Laval brings you locally made, premium-quality mattresses at below-market prices. To showcase their products and boost their online visibility, the family business relies on a dreamy Linkeo website and SEO strategy.

Community Management

“But I already have too much work!” Why busy contractors still need digital solutions.

“But I already have too much work,” says the sought-after roofer, interior designer, and concrete factory owner. Such is the plight of the skilled and seasoned contractor. Word gets out that they know their stuff and suddenly they’re working round the clock. Many will use this as an excuse not to invest in a website or online presence.

“What for? I don’t have time for more clients,” they say. But the truth is, digital solutions benefit all business owners, whether you’re just starting out or 30 years in. A solid digital strategy can help you optimize conversions, maximize profits, and scale your business in a sustainable way—and all with less effort and brain power. Read on for our lucrative online cures to overwork, designed especially for popular contractors.

Digital Marketing

Save Time and Money with Online Booking

More and more, business owners are offering online booking. Everyone from hairdressers and tattoo artists to chiropractors and other medical professionals have joined the trend. If you run a small business and this is all new to you, perhaps you have questions about how online booking works. Is it hard to set up? Expensive? Check out this article for everything you need to know about this life-saving, game-changing solution.


10 Easy Tips for Boosting Your Local SEO

Boost your local SEO with our 10 easy tips. Whether you run a restaurant, clothing store, or contracting business, you are a key player on your local business scene. And your customers are just around the corner, looking for your products and services. At least 25% of Google searches are for local needs and 85% of Internet users have used search engines to find nearby businesses.

Digital Marketing

Seven More Ways to Beat the Summer Content Slump (Part Two)

As promised, we’re back with our second segment on how to avoid the summer content slump, breaking up our wild inspiration into a two-part series. When you’re in the heat of a slump, it’s hard to climb your way out, but once you start, ideas and creativity tend to be self-perpetuating.

Digital Marketing

Seven Ways to Beat the Summer Content Slump

Beware the summer content slump. Social media algorithms don’t go on vacation and neither should you. If you’re short on ideas, we’ve come up with seven to fourteen new strategies for when the call to festivals, beaches, and field trips overrides your dream of going viral.

Digital Marketing

I’m a Contractor. How Do I Find New Clients?

For contractors who are just starting to work for themselves, it’s a process to find your first clients. Competition tends to be stiff, and customers are slow to commit to a company that hasn’t been on the market for very long. But there are ways to transcend common obstacles and with a few easy tips, you can build up your client database in a flash, landing new business opportunities along the way. This article will walk you through all the essentials.

Digital Marketing

How Do I Choose My Domain Name?

Choosing your website domain name is no step to gloss over. You should be thinking of your domain long before you settle on your company

Digital Marketing

The ABCs of Web Marketing

Also known as web marketing, digital marketing refers to a set of tools, strategies, and content designed to connect to clients on the Internet. The goal of digital marketing is to promote a company, generate leads, and build client loyalty. It does so through communication channels like websites, social media, and Google searches.

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Aqua Spray Irrigation

Owner of Aqua Spray Irrigation, David Snedeker sought out Linkeo’s online solutions to elevate his brand image and make a name for himself across Brevard County.

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Chez Lilyane Beauty Salon

Lockdown brought quarantine hair—with mixed results. And now that restrictions have lifted, hairdressers are more popular than ever. To stay on top of her schedule,

Digital Marketing

Quote, the New Online Estimate Solution

Linkeo launches Quote to accompany SMBs and VSBs on their digital journey.  Through a simple online form, clients can now obtain fast and free estimates

Digital Marketing

Online Solutions and Restaurants—What You Need on Your Menu

Online solutions offer infinite possibilities for restaurants, bars, and cafés that need to revive their turnover. For the restaurant industry, digital transformation is alive and well. With a few simple tools, you can increase your online visibility, grow your business, refine your focus, and more.

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Royal Blue Property Maintenance

The grass is always greener when somebody else cuts it. And Royal Blue Property Maintenance is here to trim your lawn, build your patio, and keep the snowbanks under control. To build and grow their brand image, the Durham-area company relies on Linkeo’s website creation and SEO services.

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Oysters in Motion

Oysters are making a comeback and Oysters in Motion is ready with their mouth-watering seafood platters and a pop-up oyster bar. To keep the shucking

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Collège St-Michel

To draw in students from around the world, Cégep Saint-Michel relies on a Linkeo website and targeted SEO strategy. THE CLIENT Making the grade since

Community Management

Email Marketing 101—What You Need to Know

With social media all the rage, email marketing is often overlooked as a key element in your communication strategy. And yet, from the comfort of

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Climat NordSud

Climate change plus COVID means that more and more Quebeckers are working from home through ever increasing heat waves. Here to help you brave the

Community Management

Boost Your Business with Community Management

For many consumers, the path of least resistance—the couch, Amazon Prime, and Uber Eats—has become more tempting than ever. If you’re a small business owner, to stay connected with your customers, you have some heavy lifting to do. Here at Linkeo, we’re big fans of a solid community management strategy. Keep on reading to learn more.

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Scantek Solutions

When it comes to retail, online shopping is king, and due to ever-increasing volumes, suppliers can’t get their packages out fast enough. That’s where Scantek

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Lemonde Service. Enr.

Since 2012, Lemonde Service Enr. has boosted their online visibility with a Linkeo website, Facebook page, and Google Ad campaigns.     THE CUSTOMER Going

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Boucherie Fortin

Buying local is one of today’s biggest trends and meat-lovers have hopped on the bandwagon. As a trusted gourmet butcher in regional Quebec, Boucherie J.C.


Holiday Shopping Trends 2021

We’re headed into COVID Christmas Number 2. But with vaccination and employment rates on the rise, celebration plans are looking much less austere than they

Digital Marketing

How to Write a Fabulous Blog Post

In the blogging world, not everyone gets to be an overnight sensation. But with a few easy tips, you can steadily grow your following and

Case Studies

Case Study: Brevard Insurance and Marketing

Brevard Insurance and Marketing was ready for their six-decade legacy to make an online impact. They got the jump-start they needed from a Linkeo website,

Digital Marketing

Why You Need Video Content

Strong video content can do wonders for a company’s brand image and online presence, especially on social media. It’s also really great for SEO. These

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Ranch au gré du vent

Ranch owner Isabelle Racine is too busy with horses to sweat about admin. Enter Planner by Linkeo—an eff­ortless online booking solution that dovetails with her

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Kyran-ô-Pizza

Even in a global lockdown, Linkeo’s web products made it easy for customers to find Kyran-ô-Pizza’s much-needed comfort food.     THE CUSTOMER Known for

Case Studies

Customer Case Study: Matson Construction

With their website creation and SEO services, Linkeo has helped Matson Construction hit the mainstream.     THE CUSTOMER: BUILD YOUR DREAM WITH US Founded

Google My Business
Digital Marketing

The Google My Business Page—Why You Need One and How to Make It

Google My Business is a free and user-friendly tool that lets companies benefit from a presence on Google and Google Maps. A Google My Business listing gives prospects everything they need to know about your company: your opening hours, address, website, plus info on your products and services.

Digital Marketing

Your Key to Effective Landing Pages

A “landing page” is a webpage your prospects and customers “land on” when they click on a link from a newsletter, search engine results page,


Build Your SEO—Our Top Ten Tips

Looking for the secret to landing your website at the top of Google every time? As it turns out, Google has about 200 SEO factors that

COVID consumer habits
Digital Marketing

Spending in the Time of Corona

Nothing like the combination of a pandemic and global lockdown to shake up consumer habits. I mean, who knew that toilet paper and sourdough starters

acupuncture, SEO, website creation, online tools
Digital Marketing

Case Study: Acupuncture West Island

Spreading Their Passion for Acupuncture Based in Pierrefonds, Acupuncture West Island is the passion project of Maxime Deshaies and Audrey Lesquelin. A fascination with Chinese

Instagram Contest
Digital Marketing

Instagram Contests Made Easy

A strong and loyal Instagram following offers a long list of benefits for your brand and business.  But it’s hard to know how to crack

Digital Marketing

Click and Collect—To the Rescue

With the spread of COVID taking indoor dining off the menu, restaurants are among the pandemic’s hardest-hit industries. Since March 2020, up to 10,000 Canadian

Digital Marketing

Why You Need an Online Booking Solution

As a business owner, are you constantly struggling to stay on top of your admin tasks? An online booking solution can help you simplify your

Digital Marketing

12 Web Design Trends to Take Up in 2021

Web design trends are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. And if you want to stay current and optimize your website, you need to keep on

Digital Marketing

Are companies ready to make the digital leap?

These days, most SMBs and VSBs believe that digital technology offers significant advantages for their company. The more employees a business has, the more owners

Digital Marketing

What is marketing automation?

As you’ve probably noticed by now, marketing consists of a whole bunch of small repetitive actions. Writing, sending emails, checking your numbers… It doesn’t take


5 Tips for Launching Your e-Commerce Site

These days, an e-commerce site provides a real and valuable opportunity.  If your sector allows for it, it is a must-have for your business’s well-being.

Digital Marketing

How does CSR work for SMBs?

Do you think that CSR doesn’t concern you because your company is too small? Do you figure that CSR has nothing to offer you and