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Keys to improving your site's conversion rate

Les clés pour améliorer le taux de conversion de votre site

Attracting people to your site is good… But encouraging them to take action (buy online, subscribe to your newsletter, answer a questionnaire, fill out a form, share on social networks…), it's better! Here's how to strengthen your conversion rate.

1. Take care of the legibility of your content

One of the keys to effectively converting your visitors is to provide them with a pleasant "user experience." The more readable your content is, the better the attention rate of users logged into your site and the more likely you are to subscribe to your newsletter, make an online purchase, etc. To make your content as readable as possible, make sure:

  • your font is large enough (below 11, the average Internet user may have trouble reading you),
  • The color of your text is compatible with that of your template, i.e. with the background of the site (for example, avoid writing in gray on a white background),
  • your sentences are short (between 12 and 15 words, beyond that, the reader may drop out),
  • you started with the most important,
  • your texts are cut out (use chips or numbers to differentiate paragraphs) and ventilated,
  • your content can be played on all screens (computers, smartphones, touch tablets).

2. Encourage the user to take action

Insertaction buttons ("ask for a quote," "free call," "click here," "order," "continue shopping," etc.) in the pages of your site will push your visitors to click on it. But be sure not to overload your pages with action buttons. And for good reason, in the opinion of specialists, providing more than three buttons in the same web page would be counterproductive. Finally, make sure your action buttons are well positioned (at the bottom of the page, users may not notice them), contrasted (opt for a color that enhances them) and engaging (the user must want to click on them).

3. Make your site stand out from the crowd

Once a user has logged into your site, you will have little time to present your strengths, reassure them and convince them that at home it is better than elsewhere. Or at least, that it's different. Don't hesitate to highlight not only your experience but also customer testimonials. A trick is to post Instagram photos taken by your customers. Indeed, studies show that publishing on its site photos shared by customers has a positive impact on the conversion rate. And for good reason, your products will look more "real" than on a traditional catalog.

4. Chouchout your visitors

It is clear from the studies that have been carried out on this subject that in order to optimize the responsiveness of an Internet user, several levers must be activated. First of all, your visitors like to have the choice between several means of payment (if not, they would be tempted to change creamery and go shopping on a competing site). In addition, Internet users will appreciate that you make life easier for them. Notably by limiting the buying process to a maximum of four clicks.

Key points to remember:

  • User experience is essential if you want to enjoy a satisfactory conversion rate.
  • Convincing people of the added value your site will make them stay connected longer.
  • Caring for your content (texts, photos) will help to improve the reading comfort of your visitors who will then be more inclined to take action (buy online, subscribe to your newsletter…).
  • Think about the action buttons (but don't overdo it!)

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