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The Newsletter, Forever a Crowd Pleaser

La Newsletter : toujours au goût du jour

Though it seems to have been around forever, the newsletter remains among the most effective marketing levers for driving traffic to your website and boosting client loyalty. That is, as long as you know how to use this tried and tested tool. Just to make sure, here’s our essential list on how to create an effective newsletter.

1. What should I put in the subject line?

Your subscribers need you to make them want to read what you have to say. Capture their attention by thinking carefully about your subject line.  Along with the sender’s name, this is what they’ll see first.  Be catchy without being too salesy. Avoid impersonal titles like “Newsletter n° XXX.” The goal is to spark the curiosity of your audience without being too long or too short. And to make sure your newsletters don’t end up in spam to make sure your emails don’t go to spam,  stay away from “spam words” like “free” and “win.”

2. What should I write about?

Your readers are not going to give you very much of their time.  That means that your newsletter needs to be readable in one go. It is therefore important that you structure your content with short sentences and simple syntax, Don’t forget to maintain an informative tone and steer clear of entering into too much sales discourse.

The secret lies in striking the perfect balance between texts and images. The ideal ratio? Somewhere around 60% texts and 40% images. The quality of your photos also bears great importance.

3. Who should I send it to?

You probably don’t consider giving your grandmother the gift of an anti-acne product, or offering a pork-grain sausage to your vegetarian brother-in-law. Who you send your newsletter to follows a similar concept. Adapt your content to your audience. Consider their interests, age bracket, purchase history, and that sort of thing. Your readers want to feel like you’re addressing them personally.

Handy Tip

On your website, set up a “subscribe to my newsletter” box so your website visitors can sign up while they’re browsing. You should also always give them the option to unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link.

4. How do I send it?

Beyond a certain number of subscribers, sending your newsletter from a regular email address becomes difficult.  That’s why you should opt for an email marketing service. Some are free (PopList, Sarbacane), while others you’ll need to pay for (Constant Contact, Sendpro).

5. When should I send it?

Due to a lack of time, 50% of subscribers do not read the newsletters that land in their inboxes.  One newsletter per week is enough, preferably in the evenings if you’re targeting individuals. Try to send during the week since this tends to be a more effective time.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Make it short, simple and original.
  • Adapt your newsletters to your audience.
  • Opt for informative content over a salesy vibe.

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