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Snapchat for Non-Millenials, and How to Use It on Your Company Website

Pour tout comprendre à Snapchat (même si vous avez plus de 25 ans) et savoir l’utiliser pour votre site pro

Though Millennials are no strangers to Snapchat, for their elders, it’s another story. No stress if you weren’t born between 1982 and 2004! Our survival guide will help you figure out how this popular app works, and most importantly, how to use it in your professional endeavours.  On your mark… Get set… Snap!

1. Snap? Story? Discover? What does it all mean?

Before we begin, we’ll need to get you up to speed. Downloadable on your Smartphone, Snapchat is an app that lets you send an ephemeral “Snap,” either a photo or video to  your contacts or friends. Your Snap can be up to 10 seconds and will automatically delete after 24 hours, kind of like Ethan Hunt’s instructions from his higher ups in Mission Impossible. It is, however, possible to save a Snap directly on your Smartphone with a screenshot. But in this case, the Snap’s creator will be notified.  Many Snaps consist of a “story.” You can choose to make your story visible to all users, your contacts or a portion of your contacts for 24 hours. Stories that revolve around a common theme like Valentine’s Day or Rihanna’s visit to Paris are called  “live stories.”  These live stories are very useful for reporting current events in real time.  Snapchat makes it possible to add text or even draw on your photo or video. You can also make changes by adding a filter. As for “Discover,” you can find this tab directly on your Smartphone, where you’ll have access to a newsfeed of information.  Does this make sense? Is it all starting to get a little more clear?

Handy Facts

  • Approximately 455 of Snapchat users are between 18 and 24 years old.
  • Worldwide, 284 000 Snaps are sent every minute.

2. How can Snapchat help me with my website?

Popular amongst teens and young adults, Snapchat isn’t just for sending wacky photos to your friends.  If you play your cards right, this app can prove to be a highly effective business tool. Especially if you want to reach a younger audience. Check out our list of ways you can use Snapchat to help with your business:

  • You can promote a new product or service via exclusive Snaps to your prospects.
  • Send out info to your participants and cover a live event like a store opening in real time.
  • Organize a best or most original Snap contest.
  • Send mystery coupons where your customers save 10 to 100% but they won’t find out their discount until they get to checkout! And all this in ten seconds or less! Just think of the suspense!
  • Create and unite a community around a story (e.g. your presence at a trade show)
  • Reveal the latest info on your company (pictures/videos of your everyday life with your employees and clients)
  • Publish mini-interviews (partners, suppliers…)
  • Build a connection with your clients who will be delighted to gain backstage passes to your company and get to know your team.

Handy Tip

Snapchat has created “geofilters” for professionals.  These customized filters appear on top of your Snaps and indicate your location.  Their cost varies depending on the geographical radius and selected length of availability.

Key Points to Remember

  • Incorporating Snapchat into your digital strategy will give you the opportunity to reach a younger audience.
  • Snapchat is ideal for displaying short and original content.
  • You can use Snapchat to reveal what’s going on behind the scenes. You’ll pique your Snapchatters’ curiosity, connect with your prospects and boost your company’s overall likeability.

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